Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Introduction - Louis Tamlyn, Samson Lazima Jali and Ethan Shilling

My name is Ethan Shilling and I am one of the artists who will be taking part in the MASK project to transform an existing artwork into a 90 second animation!

I will be working with this piece of art:

entitled Daydream by Louis Tamlyn and Samson Lazima Jali.

Before I get started on this collaborative venture, I want to tell readers a bit about me and show some of the projects I've worked on previously.
I studied at UCA on the course CG Arts and Animation and graduated in 2012. Since then I have continued to learn new skills; including a new skill in computer programming, which has opened many possibilities for creating abstract transformative art pieces. This is something which I am continually investing time and research in.

Previous work includes:

So that's a bit about me and my previous work. You can find out more on my website at:

I hope that by bringing my unique skill-set to this project I can make this animation come alive, and through this blog explore, create, and collaborate effectively.

Ethan Shilling

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