Monday, 8 February 2016

Allan Kiptoo & Nat Urwin - Intro

This drawing was created by 4 year old Allan Kiptoo

I've been in contact with Allan's Father who has been able to sit down with his son and go through my questions.

1) Can you tell me what your artwork is about?
1. First its all about mobilization for Wildlife Conservation in our country Kenya 
    and around the world.

2) What materials did you use to create your artwork?
2. The materials used to create the artwork were just simple; plain paper, a
     simple sharpened pencil and colour crayons.

3) Can you describe any specific details about what is going on in the picture? 
     (for example : Is the big elephant protecting the little elephant? Are they playing? 
     Are they going     on an adventure? What are the elephants looking at? Where are they? 
     What sounds would you hear?)
3. The bigger elephant is the mother and its leading the young one in search of
     water as you can see there is a shadow under them indicating that its
     probably its noontime. Now in the direction they are heading to they seem to
     have seen another group still going for the same so the mother is trying to 
     slow down the pace to protect the young from any harm.

4) What would you like to see in this animation when the animals come to life?
      (for example : How should it feel? What would you like to happen in the animation? 
      How would you like things to move around?)
4. When this animation comes to live i would like to see that real danger trying to
    happen to the young one so that I may learn how they adopt and do when
    faced by such challenge.

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  1. Hey Nat - great to see you on here in the mix :) I've just sent you an email re. your query - it's good news!