Monday, 8 February 2016

Shela Forster & Nat Urwin

Here is the second piece of artwork allocated to me for this project. This painting is by 9 year old Shela Forster.

I sent questions to Shela's mother to find out about this painting. As of yet I've not had any information, but I'll include the questions here to show what kind of information I was interested in finding out.

1) Can you tell me what your artwork is about?

2) What materials did you use to create your artwork?

3) Can you describe any specific details about what is going on in the picture? 
     (for example : What are the women doing? Are they going on an adventure? Is the giraffe eating? Is it looking at something? Is this a sun rise or a sun set? Where are the women going to or coming from? Where are they now? What sounds would you hear?)

4) What would you like to see in this animation when it comes to life?
      (for example : How should it feel? What would you like to happen in the animation? How would you like things to move around?)

The direction I'm looking to take this piece in is a very painterly style, so it gives the impression that the animation has been made of slides of watercolour paints to tell a short story. This should give a very fluid and colourful motion.

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