Monday, 1 February 2016

Churchill and Emily- Still Rigging

I realise its been a while since I've posted, I got rather involved in working out how to rig each element as a separate entity. The leg and eye (I believe) have ben fairly straight forward, the thing I have been struggling with is the nose. It needs to sort of bounce walk and swing the stalk as well as the nostril legs. Its safe to say I have never attempted such a weird creature! I'm almost at the point of trying to group everything together and its all a massive experiment. But I'm working on it. I'm hoping the lips don't take me as long to rig.

Leg skeleton

Leg poses

Leg posed with controls

  Eyeball 'looking' control.

Eyeball translation (and scale) control

All controls so far!

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  1. Well done, Emily - rigging an abstract painting - that must be a first! :)