Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Fahima Munene & Steven Payne - Character Designs

I've driven myself a bit insane with environment modelling at the moment, so in the mean time, I've drawn up the orthographics for the characters that will inhabit this world.

They are simplified versions of the characters that can already be seen in Fahima's painting. There are three human characters, a man in a hat, a woman in a bui-bui and a child (who's outfit I'm not entirely sure of...), each identifiable by their silhouette. This keeps their design simple and I can swap out the colours for a variety of people, whilst still keeping the characters distinctly recognisable.

 Male Character

Female Character 

Child Character 

The design is also intended to make modelling quicker and easier, as they're more or less the same shape, with slight variations. This means I can create one character and simply adjust them for the other two, hopefully making things quicker for myself.

Update: I actually went ahead and started modelling the Female character immediately after posting these orthographics, below is the first hour or so of modelling (given their childlike design, I don't expect much refinement after this point. The model is already at a point that fits the specification.)

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