Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Churchill and Emily- Animatic Version 1

It still needs tweaking! I haven't had any ideas yet as to how to tackle the slow patch near the beginning. That is my next port of call. I am very much still open to suggestion for it as well. I have since filled out the rest of the track. 
I am certain the end sequence needs a revisit. Its far too empty, more needs to be going on as the features hop into the distance. Perhaps more elements breaking away and coming back, reforming whilst on the move? I have yet to work it out. However, for a break of sorts, I may get into rigging the 3D models for now!

1 comment:

  1. I like how this has come so far. I also really like the mutations that the creature undergoes as the track plays (0.55 - 1.04)I think we can use this as the theme or guiding element of the animation. I suggest that at the start you can have the black part of the eye move dance within the larger white part to the beat of the music, and also the leg too.The end does need revisiting yes. But it ends well, its just that the hopping into the back act took so much time. So to just shorten it and cover the other time with more parts of the thing playing with each other