Thursday, 14 January 2016

What the Noise Gave me: Storyboard draft v.1

This is a rough draft of the potential animation for What The Noise Gave Me. One of my thoughts was to keep the animation abstract, but with keeping a kind of story to it. So far my idea is:-

• Figures slowly reveal their emotions - fear, anxiety, stress, panic, depression.

• 'The Golden Hole' is entered. Revealing an emptiness and representing an isolated state. The figure is engulfed in the 'noise'. 

• The noise moves around and recreates the hole. 

• A hand reaches through. The two figures reunite and reach out to each other representing support, strength, a sense of light at the end of the tunnel (or hole).

• The figures eventually move back into their original poses with maybe a new feeling to the viewer of what the figures are going through. 

Production Thoughts  

• My other thoughts were to play with the colours, and give a sense of light and dark. Also Phil gave a great idea to experiment with sound to represent the 'noise' in the way Paula describes it to be.

• In terms of camera movement - I was thinking of making the space a place where the viewer feels they are moving around in a 3D space. So moving around the figures etc. I was thinking that the noise would have less of a sense of being in a real space. (If that makes sense!)

• For the animation side, I was thinking about how Paula used mixed media for her piece. My thoughts are to go for a similar feel, by maybe importing textures of real things such as fabrics, metals, and gel pen textures. I would also like to combine after effects 2D planes with 3D models. 

• I am thinking that creating 2D polygon planes, slightly extruded out to look like a thin cut out shape may be the way to go, These will be experimented with next!

Edit: Test Model of the 2D plane idea 

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