Thursday, 28 January 2016

HELP PLEASE!!! Maya userPref.mel coding

Over the course of today I've been trying to rig the weirdest skeleton I've ever made, but in the process I tried to access my Expressions Editor and ran into a problem. My expression editor box refused to work properly from the channel box. It opened up a 'TextEdit' box instead.


When accessed the long way around from Window >> Animation Editors >> Expressions Editor, I found myself with an interesting error message.

I found some help in the forums. Someone appeared to have the same error message. But the instructions for the solution were a bit vague for someone who doesn't normally play with my computers coding!

Can anyone confirm as to whether I'm doing the right thing, by opening the userPref.mel file in 'TextEdit' on Mac OS and doing as the forum user 'slypojo' says by changing the highlighted 0 to a 1 at the end of the script line ...

-iv "EEexprEdTextEditor" 0

I'm not entirely comfortable doing this and acutely aware of perhaps destroying Maya on my computer playing around in such files. Advice would be hugely appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance.


  1. Can you check in your preferences, under the Interface category:
    There should be an option call Expression Editor, with a select box to choose between 'Expression Editor' and 'Text editor'.

    It sounds like it is set to Text editor, so try changing it back.

    Otherwise, you can try what the guy says to do. If you're worried about messing up your preferences, make a backup of the whole preferences directory first. If something goes wrong, you can delete the messy prefs and copy in the backup you made.
    On a Mac I believe this is the path to the prefs directory:

    The last resort is to delete the prefs directory and restart Maya. Maya will create new preferences. Although I'd still make a backup of the original before deleting it just in case.

    Hope this helps.

  2. *additional

    Blogger has messed with my comment!

    The path is actually this:
    Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/YOUR MAYA VERSION

    1. Hi Ethan, I just checked the preferences, it appeared to be already set to 'expression editor' but just to be sure I selected 'text edit', then reselected 'Expression editor'. It appears to have solved the issue upon saving and testing!!! Thank you so much for your assistance!!!! You're an absolute Star!