Friday, 22 January 2016

Noise Updates

I've been thinking of how to approach the animated side of the painting within Maya. 

I thought that some rotoscoped sketchy 2D animation inspired by the silver lines in Paula's painting may be a good direction to go in. Additionally I think taking away a 'camera' element and working with a still type surface would also make for a more effective animation. 

For the rotoscoping I have done some filming following my storyboard and animatic and improvising the movements a little bit inbetween. 

Basically avoid making the characters/too much of the animation using 3D, or using as little as possible, or incorporating a bit of Maya to help along the way. 

For the 'noise' background I would create a boiling animation loop with the characters animated separately. For the characters I was planning on working at 12fps.

I have made a very quick test piece (key frames only) below, (including getting used to the rotoscoping set up!) based on a draft animatic (below).

Also thinking of ideas for scenes that may make the 'noise' element come to life a bit more. 
below are some designs. My thoughts for this would be fantasia/CAA ACT inspired if used. 

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