Sunday, 3 January 2016

Edwin Wainaina // Samantha Niemczyk: Influence and More Research

I have been trying to narrow down the idea and approach to Adore Woman. I am leaning towards mixed media approach, or perhaps a faux mixed media (digitally achieved effect of traditional watercolours/paint/splashes).
Two gifs below show two different ways:
1. Boil animation, where the watercolours move

2. Still watercolour areas with moving and changing colours. 

Perhaps both? Next step will be an initial and rough sketches or a storyboard, with an idea that I have in mind for the beginning and end of the animation.

I would like the face to be a 3D model and all the watercolour splashes to be flat, 2D effects. Experimenting will have to start soon so that I can figure out if that idea works not only as an abstract concept. 

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  1. Yes! Like the 'Sherlock' gif - 2d effect but with the satisfaction of feeling the 3D-ness too; there could be a real sense of travelling 'through' the image - almost as if it is a 'nebula' or constellation of marks - so we sort of 'push through' the brush marks as we travel nearer to the face - a sense of being 'inside' the canvas space: I'm thinking of the Disney multiplane camera, for example: