Monday, 4 January 2016

Churchill and Emily- Some Thoughts and Experiments

Over the Christmas period I had been thinking about how to create Churchill's collage in 3D form. The collage has a great front orthographic front view but I was more interested in what it could look like from the side.

Using an incredibly crude sketch I hopped into Maya to experiment with building it. Something about this design feels as though it needs to be made dimensional and it would be great to have the various features move separately a little like Pato the duck from 'Pocoyo', or indeed like 'The Blackbird.' ('Le Merle') featured below. This is another of Norman McLaren's works that Phil has directed me to.

  'Le Merle' - Norman McLaren. (1958)

I do feel that this  and 'Monsters Inc' opening credits have informed me of the kinds of movements I'd like to try and achieve with 'Greener Pastures and the Colours of Youth.'

See below my screen grabs of the build so far. I'm still working out how to make the geometry flow properly, particularly for rigging later.  There is also the fact that my rough sketch of the profile view still doesn't feel exaggerated enough. For such a striking front angle anyway. I believe the nose, however the lips need some treatment and I have yet to create the leg and shoe.

I envision the leg being fully rigged and hopping around as its own detached entity. The eye needs an eyelid for blinking and I like the thought of it being able to squash and stretch like a bouncy ball and roll around. I also want to see if I can figure out a way to make those nostrils flair. Of course those lips need to move, perhaps a kissing motion... a grin... a range of expressions. We shall see! This is by no means a final just an experiment.

Crude sketch

Front view
Front view wireframe
Orbital view
Side view

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  1. I really like the sketches and how you have come so far. The suggestions made about the eye lid and the lip are very welcome. The foot can also be manipulated further by putting it in different positions. This whole process elicits excitement and curiosity seeing my work being dissected and explored this way. Up to this point, I think the choice of music will help in coming up with the movements and other things that will define the creature that we come up with. Guess we will have to see where the music takes us and just how much life it pumps into the animation.