Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Churchill and Emily- Rearranging, Reassembling and Testing

A few nights ago I tried to discern a sort of loose narrative/ series of actions that were timed to the music I remixed whilst covering some of Churchill's vision of his collage being animated. The vaguest skeleton I had written down is featured later in this post, but the easiest way to communicate the sequence will be through an animatic which I'm in the middle of building. Though I have a test run of the opening at the bottom of the page.

My aim is to communicate growing up, which is how I interpret the theme behind Churchill's collage. As a youth you are always trying to find your way to the greener pastures. Young people fall in love are a bit wild and noisy. Hit challenges along the way but strive to overcome them and continue onwards into adulthood.

However to aid the building of this animatic I tried to work out various assemblages of the collage elements to represent a couple of narrative aspects, but potentially emotion and general motion.

Initial Script Outline

0:00-0:20 - Opening musical *slap* see's all collage elements pop into view. Then the elements bounce into life. Bouncing eye transitions to reveal the collage 'walking' or 'hopping.'

0:20-0:37 - The lips enlarge, colour changes to red and pinks to simulate passion. There are close ups of each element gliding in time to the music. Perhaps a slow walk.

0:37-0:50 - Regular speed music has the elements bouncing between different organisations. Evolving. Reorganising.  Bouncing between the foreground and background. Perhaps sliding in and out of shot front all sides of the screen.

0:50-0:55 - Build up to the musical explosion, elements vibrate and shoot apart spectacularly.

0:55-1:03 - Quick, bright colour changes and formation changes, as though at a noisy raving party. Throwing some shapes!!

1:03-1:10 - The elements bounce forward to be faced by lips opposing and growing larger. Appearing to belittle the remaining elements. Discouraging chatter. Meant to simulate if the youth is being shrunk by mean words of others.

1:10-1:12 - Build up to second musical explosion reveals the elements behaving determined perhaps fighting back. Stamp or a kick on beat with the music.

1:12-1:20 - A mix of colour changes, hops, evolutions. All previous motions.

1:20-1:30 - The collage elements bounce along and begin to hop into the distance before disappearing on the end *slap* of the music.

This is a very early script concept and open to all kinds of changes!


  1. Really enjoyed this post, Emily - fascinating and v. satisfying to read about the way in which you're figuring everything out and teasing out just enough narrative by which to sustain things.

  2. Its amazing how you've laid everything out so well. Looks good so far. I like how the eye starts moving before the other parts. I think it will even look better if all the movements are done on beat with the music we chose. Churchill