Thursday, 7 January 2016

Edwin Wainaina // Samantha Niemczyk: Initial Animatic (Incomplete)

Initial animatic for the Adore Woman artwork. It is still incomplete, but please let me explain the vision, because unfortunately the animatic is not explaining everything like I would like it to.

I would like the lines of the drawing to be boiling and the female to be making some subtle facial movements (blinking, smiling, etc.) showing that she's rather happy with how she looks like. I believe it would create a nice effect with the shift in hue of the colour splatters.

This bit, I want to be mistical, a bit overhelming in colours and kind of confusing at the same time, to create a feeling of many layers and to rise the question "what is happening to the girl behind the colourful fog?"
I also want to add a 3D camera AE effect with the camera actually moving through the fog (kind of like Harry Potter intro and the clouds).

During this sequence we can see the girl between the foggy clouds, a bit less happy, perhaps concerned, still in 2D boiling line style.

The colourful puddles get erased and reveal a completely clean and makeup free 3D model (I am still deciding whether she should be bald or with dreadlocks).
The girl seems unhappy at first, a bit uneasy because of the lack of colours on the face, but eventually she smiles because she realises she's still beautiful even though there is no 'make up' on her face.

After this bit, I am not quite sure yet how to return to the original drawing. It could either be another journey through the colourfull fog or simply just a fade in? Something to think about.

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  1. Hi Sam :) Great seeing you put your ideas into practice in this way - hope it prompts some creative discussions at your end.