Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Churchill and Emily- Music and Modelling

Over the last couple of days I have been looking into the kind of background music to accompany 'Greener Pastures and the Colours of Youth.' With such a title as that it feels only right that the music should be bouncy and uplifting if possible and my personal preference was to try and find one with a speedy beat. I shortlisted  two different tracks and asked Churchill's opinion. We both agreed the one titled 'Son of a Rocket' fit the best. Found at Incomptech by Kevin MacLeod.

I have since cut together a 90 second version of the track to the best of my abilities. Now I feel we have a beat to work and animate with! And plenty of bounce!

I have also been playing around a little bit with the model, building the leg component. Looking at the structure in 3D I find myself wondering about its situation in space, whether to keep everything aligned in the same plane, or to offset it. What do you think?





  1. I really like the music! It makes me want to bounce along! :D

  2. I like what you have done so far so much. The model is coming to life and it will be interesting to see what the music does to it. The alignment of the model, I believe should be able to move in different directions because the music is kind of all over the place in a nice way. The movements and changes in the eye and leg particularly will give more life to it.

  3. And I also like the music because I think it accompanies the whole "Greener Pastures and the Colors of Youth" title/theme. The track is upbeat just like the youth are and with color and a little story telling we will be able to include the other elements of the title.

    1. Hey Churchill :) My name is Phil Gomm, course leader for Computer Animation Arts - lovely to have you here on the blog and working so closely with Emily. Very exciting! I look forward to hearing lots more from you as the animation develops!

  4. Hi Phil, great to hear from you. Really glad to be working with you guys.